How Engineering Cum Laude Evan Tan grew his TikTok and made a career out of it


Talk about being multi-faceted! 

Evan Tan is not just a resident cutie you see on your TikTok FYP, he also graduated as an Engineering Cum Laude and is now a licensed Mechanical Engineer.

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have happened ages ago. Still, to this day, we feel the aftermath of the crisis in more ways than one. The effects it had on the economy, mental health, and how we live our daily lives still affect us. Meanwhile, there were also people who started new routines, new businesses, and even new careers. Among them was Evan Tan.

Who is Evan Tan?

Evan Tan is a comedy content creator with 10.9 Million followers on TikTok and 266, 000 followers on Instagram.

Admittedly shy in person, Evan said in his Pvblic Spotlight feature that his friends were actually surprised to see how he conducts himself on social media. He believes being on camera is easier than meeting people in person, being someone who is shy. He shares that he waits for people to approach him first in person.


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His advice.

In this day and age of social media, many want to kickstart their careers as content creators. Evan’s advice for those who want to begin their journey is to be smart about it. “It’s not just creating, creating. There are other content creators who don’t branch out.”

He also notes that it might feel discouraging at first since stats are always fluctuating. “Sometimes you take hours filming content, only for it to end up flopping” he adds. But regardless, Evan says “just keep posting.” 

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On irrelevance.

Evan believes that staying relevant is one of the most difficult challenges a content creator like himself experiences. Going viral once is not your ticket to maintaining a platform, but what you do after that. Evan acknowledges that content creators are a dime a dozen, and people will forget you very fast if you don’t know what to do after you become viral.

Being a social media personality is not an easy thing to do, and Evan is quick to admit that. While he enjoys content creation and would want to keep doing this full-time, he still acknowledges that there will eventually be an end to all things, including his social media career. But for now, Evan continues to make content that he enjoys.

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