Roosters crowing and dogs barking during a Zoom sesh is never fun. They’re distracting and just outright annoying. But sometimes, these ambient noises can serve as an excuse to spare ourselves from the countless soul-sucking meetings we’ve had to endure.

Artist Sam Lavigne had the same thought when he devised an app that puts these background distractions to good use. Called ‘Zoom Escaper‘, the site allows users to play various fake sound effects during a Zoom call.

Think along the lines of the ‘signal is bad, you’re breaking up‘ schtick we used to pull, only with several other options, such as an upset baby, echoing feedback, strong winds, construction noises, urination sounds (?), and a man weeping (???).

Spotted by The Verge, Zoom Escaper is easy to use. You just have to download a tiny audio software called VB-Audio which redirects your microphone feed to the Zoom Escaper website.

Once you’re in your inane meeting of choice, simply change the Zoom audio input from your mic to VB-Audio and play your chosen sound effect. The Verge tested out the site and concluded that Echo, Dog, and the Upset Baby effects were the most convincing.

Try it out yourself here, but please do mindful of the context when you do. We don’t think it’d be fun explaining to your prof why you’re suddenly urinating live during a class.

zoom, <b> Zoom Escaper lets you derail meetings with baby noises, dogs barking and more </b>