The holiday spirit is alive and well

Zoom is feeling a little generous this time of year, as it’s reportedly lifting its 40-minute meeting limit for free users on select holidays.

Per The Verge, the popular app will suspend its restriction globally from Dec 17 (11 PM MNL time) to Dec 19 (7 PM MNL time) for Hannukah, Dec 23rd (11 PM) to Dec 26 (7 PM) for Christmas, and Dec 30 (11 PM) to January 2nd (7 PM) for New Year’s.

Since the start of the lockdowns, Zoom has arguably been the go-to for communications, not only in the office setting but also for people who are separated from their families and love ones.

Google Meet has apparently been just as generous, as it also introduced a 24-hour call limit for free users until March 2021.

Zoom, <b> Zoom is ditching its 40-minute limit for Christmas and New Year&#8217;s </b>