Zarks Fest 2023 was like a blast from the past


Face-to-face music and food festivals are finally back, and it’s just like having a blast from the past!

We’re finally at the stage of a new normal where we can all have fun with good food, friends, and performances!

It’s been a week since Zark’s Fest 2023 happened and being there certainly felt like it was a blast from the past. Apart from getting to enjoy our favorite Zark’s burgers out with our friends, we also got to watch performances from acts that also played the festival pre-pandemic like Autotelic and Ebe Dancel.

However now, the line-up just got bigger and the venue got even better to accommodate a crowd that is hungry for a food and music festival now that the new normal is finally allowing all of us a glimpse of our pre-pandemic days.


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Zark’s burgers and pizza certainly are perfect to pair with a cold refreshing drink. If we weren’t in the mood for carbonated drinks or alcohol, there were also fresh juices and water available at the venue to quench our thirst from the heat or to simply keep us hydrated from all the singing, shouting, and jumping along our favorite acts from Eli & Six The Northstar, Hey June!, Lola Amour, Any Name’s Okay earlier in the day, to Autotelic, SOS, Kiyo, BINI, later in the afternoon and of course, Urbandub, Sandwich, Ebe Dancel, The Itchyworms, Zack Tabudlo, and Ben&Ben closing the festival later in the evening.

Not only that, but the hosts also hyped up the crowd with their fun activities and games that everyone got to enjoy and laugh with!


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Although it was fun, safety was not an issue as the Circuit Makati Open Grounds was just the perfect space that allowed everyone to enjoy while still maintaining a good amount of social distancing.

True enough, we can no longer go back to the days of the past, but events like this allow us all to at least make some new memories.

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