People are demanding a Zanessa reunion after Vanessa Hudgens/Austin Butler split


After almost 10 years together, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have called it quits.

They have yet to release a public explanation, but after spending some recent time apart – Vanessa on her Netflix projects and Austin on an upcoming Elvis Presley biopic – it seems the two aren’t endgame after all, with a close friend telling US Weekly:

‘Vanessa and Austin are officially broken up, and Vanessa has been telling those close to her about their breakup.’

Now it is a time for mourning and all, but let’s talk about the gigantic elephant in the room: ZANESSA.

Call it nostalgia, a semblance of the past, or some other cosmic coincidence, but Vanessa and Zac Efron have always, always been linked to each other since their High School Musical days. Don’t even deny it.

After their breakup in 2010, Vanessa shared that she’s ‘completely lost contact with [Zac].’ There seems to be no bad blood between the two, as both have expressed gratitude for their time together – with Vanessa admitting that Zac ‘stabilized‘ her through their 5-year relationship.

Meanwhile, Zac was linked to Danish swimmer Sarah Bro in early 2019, but he’s since been radio silent on his love life.

It’s not just us holding out hope, as more and more #Zanessa shippers have come out of the woodwork.






Vanessa, sweetie, please take your time to heal – but know that this man (and thousands of supporters) are still out there somewhere.

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