You’ve never seen NAIA like this before!


This photo was posted 2 days ago on the Facebook Page of The National Commission of Culture and the Arts that displays wrapped prints of Philippine Mats and Maranao Lakub on NAIA airport walls and beams.

Photos by NCCA OIC Executive Director Adelina Suemith

“The Art in Public Spaces at the NAIA Terminal 3 showcase the colorful design of Philippine mats and Maranao lakub. The works were done by the TALAS group of artists.

This is a joint project of the NCCA, Department of Tourism and the Tourism Infrastructure And Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA)”

And they got good praises from the Filipinos based on the comments!

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This is not the first time that the NCCA has done something like this. In the past 2 years, they collaborated with MMDA to put on artworks around main areas of Metro Manila. The project was called “Urban Landscape” – the artworks they did depict Filipino cultural traditions, history, folklore, indigenous designs and patterns.

Artwork by @chichimonster Photo via
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We believe that this is a good move of the institution to propagate the rich culture of our country. Imagine if most areas in our country are filled with art? How appealing would that be? It wouldn’t just serve as an eye candy but also to educate each Filipino of our country’s heritage.

Good job NCCA! More of these!