You’ve Never Seen An Artsy Make Up Transformation Until You See This NYC Club Kid

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“Gay people used to have to be very smart and clever in order to survive. Expressing yourself was not easy. Just being yourself was not easy. These days I see gay people becoming stupid on purpose and obsessed with pop culture and there are more and more clubs catering to this sort of crowd. Even drag is becoming mainstream — every other gay person does drag and posts videos of themselves lip-syncing on Instagram. I see nightlife becoming less about underground art and music and more about commercialism. A lot of artists have pulled out of the scene entirely and many are less present than they used to be.”

Ryan Burke said in an interview in Huffpost Gay Voices, 2014. 

In this technological age where digital imagery can transcend time, break the rules and magnify elements. This kid went back to basics and proved that true artistry can push creative boundaries. He is Ryan Burke, a new york based photographer and make up artist. His art influences were based on his experiences with co-artists, drag queens and everyday moments. This personal expression has abled him to gain friends and strangers that has a similar cause. After capturing the photos of his masterpieces, he can be found flaunting his works in the New York City nightlife scene much like the early Club Kids who influenced him.

“The portraits I create express a perspective on human styling that does not rely on conventional clothing, hair, makeup or accessories but rather an aesthetic derived from the use of unusual materials and makeup to create otherworldly personas.”  

Peculiar. Colorful. One-of-a-kind. This is Ryan Burke for you.


Watch him work his magic here.

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