LOOK: YouTube bans ‘The Nun’ ad for making everyone crap their pants

Gelo Lasin

YouTube is having ‘nun’ of it

‘The Nun’ is the fifth installment in ‘The Conjuring’ series and is rumored to be the scariest movie in a long time.


As expected, the trailers and the promos would be scary (it’s a horror movie, duh), but one of the movie’s ads was considered too terrifying, to the point that YouTube had to pull it off their website.

It got so bad that someone on Twitter made a PSA that went viral


People REALLY hated that jumpscare so much…

…that YouTube eventually had to pull it down

So is it really that bad? As someone who’s seen his fair share of horror movies, I would say it depends on the circumstances.

If the ad popped up in the middle of the afternoon, then it’s pretty meh. But if it’s late at night, and this fucker randomly pops up, then I’d probably be scared shitless too.

See for yourself (You’ve been warned)

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