Your work friends left, now what?


It might be hard to accept, but nothing in work really is permanent.

People, including your best work buddies, will leave at some point if you don’t beat them to the bush.

For new hires, especially fresh graduates on their first job, there would really be a lot of adjustment to do. The first few months of the job would really feel like the most challenging time as work life is very different from the fostering school environment and community one may be accustomed to after years of studying.

Suddenly being thrown into a corporate setting would definitely be quite the culture shock to some. One of the things that could help with the adjustment apart from developing a routine, though, would definitely be getting along with workmates which could help the transition feel a bit easier.

friends, <b> Your work friends left, now what? </b>

Now, a lot of people may advise that your workmates aren’t your friends, but it’s also not a bad thing to remain friendly with them and develop an inevitable bond with them as you will be talking and collaborating with them almost every day. Wouldn’t it be much easier to go through something you know someone else can relate to? Of course, keeping it professional is important when attending to business during work hours.

So now you’ve slowly adjusted and opened yourself up to your new environment with people that have now become familiar. Although not necessarily comfortable at all times, at least you’ve known these were the people you would be with for the day, with each of you having a specific task or purpose.

But nothing in work is permanent. People come and go. And that is something someone new to working should know. Despite how daunting it may seem at first.

friends, <b> Your work friends left, now what? </b>

Of course, it is normal to feel bittersweet saying goodbye to your workmates, as it usually is when bidding farewell to people, places, or even situations. It doesn’t take away or diminish your happiness for them as they find a new purpose or go for their dreams.

New people would soon come in to replace them and instead of you being the student, this time, you’ll be the one helping them adjust. Then before you know it, it will be your turn to bid farewell, and someone else will be in your shoes.

That’s just how life goes when you grow up, but it doesn’t necessarily have to always be scary or sad. Some things are just really bittersweet and are meant to be that way. Life goes on and so should you.

Your friendship doesn’t have to end after you separate workplaces, too. Some work relationships continue outside of the office! The industry is also small and chances are, you’ll still run into them a couple of times. Maybe, you can even share some life updates and bond about the shared stress you had but pulled through, together.

friends, <b> Your work friends left, now what? </b>
Among the many things that FRIENDS have taught us over the years is that eras and, that’s ok.

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