Your penmanship and social anxiety

We The Pvblic

They read it as “xyz,” when it’s just “abc”.

Whether it’s your week’s grocery list or your daily planner, you know your friends will have a tough time reading what you have written there. It’s not your penmanship that’s bad – seriously; maybe it’s just that they are not well-versed with your ‘personalized font’ just yet. It could take them time, but before that day comes, every person with bad penmanship will first get used of getting these utterly honest reactions.

That frown goes first;


And then the squinty eyes follow;


But if that’s not yet enough, your friend will start to hold on to the piece of paper a little tighter


If he is wearing a pair of glasses, you know that he will lift his glasses an inch or two, off his nose.


…And you know that your friend already understood what you wrote when he gives you that look of relief, if not the sigh of relief.

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