Your inner ‘marites’ can now search specific DMs on Twitter


Sometimes, there are conversations that you want to read all over again. But who has the time to scroll back to messages from maybe five years ago? Similar to other messaging platforms, Twitter finally added a ‘keyword search’ feature, which locates specific words within any DM thread.

On March 23, Twitter Support announced the new feature and explained, ‘Now you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.’

You can track the most random remark you remember from a past exchange to names of people, and even links shared. The DM search option filters your queries into four segments:

All – literally presents every single item for your queries, such as the username and word matches
People –  displays related usernames based on the term you looked up
Groups – shows group chats that contain your key term matches
Messages – presents any keyword matches in specific DMs

If this feature sounds familiar, Twitter brought DM search to Android in mid-2021 but missed to roll out content search later that year. The difference is that the latest update allows users to search their full history rather than just recent messages.

As of writing, the division of tracking specific messages is currently available on desktop version only. But aside from making use of your inner Internet sleuth to check out previous exchanges, this feature could also be useful to business accounts, wherein they can go back to responses of their customers.

find message twitter, <b> Your inner &#8216;marites&#8217; can now search specific DMs on Twitter </b>

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