When you hear that teens make millions of dollars by simply posting videos online, you might question what you’re doing wrong. But what if you can earn a couple of bucks by just posting on Instagram stories? The tech giant’s upcoming feature would allow users to post “exclusive” stories, as per Tech Crunch.

Comparing it to Twitter’s Super Follow, Instagram is developing a feature that is said to come with a subscription payment for other users to see special content of the creator they wish to view.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi posted screenshots of the feature that isn’t publicly tested yet, which Instagram confirmed that it’s from an internal prototype. However, the platform didn’t share any specific details on its plans.

Paluzzi explained how creators could post “Exclusive Stories,” with the first image showing that viewers cannot take a screenshot of the restricted content. The text also has an “only members” prompt.

With the Close Friends icon being green, the Exclusive Story symbol is in a purple hue. The story can also be saved in the Highlights section so that the creator’s fans “always have something to see when they join.”

Instagram hasn’t posted a public announcement on the Exclusive Stories feature. Although during Instagram’s Creator Week last month, IG head Adam Mosseri had a general explanation on creator tools that the platform was planning on making.

‘We need to create if we want to be the best platform for creators long term, a whole suite of things, or tools, that creators can use to help do what they do,’ he explained.

instagram, <b> Your exclusive IG stories content might soon earn you some cash </b>

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