You can attend a Leni-Kiko e-rally on Animal Crossing


There are many ways to show support for your chosen candidates, and attending their rallies is one of them. While this may not be a suitable option for some, those who have their own Nintendo Switch can join by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What is the #PinkHorizons e-rally? 

In case you haven’t heard of the #PinkHorizons e-rally, it’s an Animal Crossing-based sortie that’s perfect for people who don’t have the chance to join in-person rallies for Vice President Leni Robredo’s presidential bid and her running mate Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

The people who came up with the campaign are Anj Paguntalan, Mardin Gale Lebes, and Paula Dehesa, a.k.a. @uaenacrossing, @yarietwt, and @paulamvd on the Internet, respectively. The three of them happen to just have met online and spontaneously planned the rallies during the last week of March.

Planning to host a mini e-rally in Animal Crossing and I’ve been designing placards and tshirts lol. Any suggestions for the venue? Anyone is free to join btw. DM me! from Philippines

It all started when Anj and Paula stumbled upon a Gale’s Reddit post, which asked people if they wanted to join a kakampink e-rally in the video game. Her invitation was then reposted to different Animal Crossing Facebook groups like Nintendo Gamer Girls PH and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Philippines.

Anj acknowledges how ACNH is not accessible to everyone, but Gale also stresses how it’s a great platform to carry out e-rallies for kakampinks who can’t attend rallies on the ground. Even Filipinos abroad had a chance to join.

What happens during the #PinkHorizons e-rally? 

Similar to an actual rally, there are fun activities in ACNH that serve as the program for the event. Anj explained, ‘On my island, first, we wait for all the players to arrive. Then, we take pictures and chat for a little while, and then we proceed to our games once everyone has descended to the island.’

Since all the hosts have different islands, they are free to manage the flow of their e-rally’s gimmicks. After the campaign, players can post screenshots online and use the official hashtags #PinkHorizon, and the name of the island you enter while adding “is Pink” at the end. For example, Anj’s island is Uaena Island, so it’s #UaenaIsPink.

Meanwhile, Anj initially made an island dedicated to the K-pop star IU, whose fandom name is Uaena, hence her island name. But for the campaign, she had to prepare for a week to add placards for her island to look more like a Leni-Kiko rally. She added, ‘We have a thread for design codes that [we] can use for [our islands] or for [our] outfit during the rally.’

‘All the Leni-Kiko designs were shared by ACNH players in the community… So, even when there are different islands hosting, we all have the same custom designs,’ she continued.

Can I still join the next #PinkHorizons e-rally? 

While the first batch hosted by Anj and Paula was launched on April 2, the #PinkHorizons e-rally will run for the whole month of April. Apart from being an ANCH player, there are no requirements for those who are willing to join. You can slide in Gale’s Discord server to get updates on the following rallies.

The second batch of hosts last Aril 9 was composed of Almira Porta, Malou Paragas, Valerie B, and Lavander. Other hosts who are helping Gale facilitate the event are Earl Macabulos, Gabrielle O., and Reshel Pelayo. Gale said, ‘Everyone in the Pink Horizons community has been very helpful and creative in making this happen.’

Animal Crossing, <b> You can attend a Leni-Kiko e-rally on Animal Crossing</b>

While there’s a little less than a month before voting, Anj says that the Pink Horizons Discord server, which now has over 500 members, could still be of use even after the elections. She explained, ‘Maybe we can use this as a platform in the future… I’ve never enjoyed Animal Crossing like this before.’

The #PinkHorizons e-rally had gathered a total of 87 players for the two previous rallies that they have conducted. Anj said, ‘We hope that this campaign inspires people to reach out to their own niche groups and share the hope that the Leni-Kiko Team brings to the country.’ 

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