Year in Review: Stories that best sum up 2017

We The Pvblic

How do we sum up 2017?

Witty netizens would use funny memes to best illustrate how uncool the year has been to them, the intellectuals would cite hot-button global issues that shaped the year, entrepreneurs would measure their year by counting their earnings and losses, and the grateful ones would simply count the blessings they received.

Here at We the Pvblic, we sum up 2017 by the stories that we loved and hated, and everything else in between.

We laughed our guts out…

Juday-copywhen this girl had the fright of her life when she saw a spooky woman looking out of the second-floor window of a closed Goldilocks store. It turned out to be a standee of Judy Ann Santos.

Slacks-copy… when some University of Santo Tomas students reacted to being required to wear non-fitted slacks.

colesprousewhen Cole Sprouse gave a shout-out to the publisher of Precious Hearts Romances for using his face on the cover of one of their pocketbooks.

crush turon… when this girl spotted her crush on the other side of the road, crossed the road and bought turon so she and her crush could be snapped together in a photo courtesy of her pal’s ninja-like photo skills.

bench-1… at the thirstiest and funniest comments about Bench’s 2017 fashion show.

We were shookt by how…

Paul-Laxamana… the ‘100 Tula para kay Stella’ director handled criticisms of his film.

Isabelle3… Isabelle Daza mocked the Asian etiquette for giving and receiving business cards.

We got excited…

mercury-drug-planner… about the Mercury Drug 2018 Planner, a more affordable but equally nifty alternative to the Starbucks Planner.

lin-lea-1… when Lea Salonga and Lin-Manuel Miranda exchanged tweets in Filipino.

Rainbow… to try this new cafe in Maginhawa that lets us wear a unicorn onesie while we eat.

We admired…

HIV Jabar

Jabar Esmael for bravely answering questions about people living with HIV we’re hesitant to ask.

Thug-copy… this student who took matters into her own hands by punching a perv in the LRT.

We nodded our heads in agreement…

CamieMartine… when blogger Camie Juan burned Georgina Wilson’s cousin on Twitter for wearing communist hats in Tiananmen Square.

Czarina Pastor Hokage… when this woman exposed the pastor hokage groups after falling victim to their creepiness and urged the pvblic to take action.

We demanded justice for…

ginobasas… OFW Abigail Gino Basas who was mauled to death by ‘students’.

UST victim-blaming… the UST student who was victim-blamed by her very own school.

We were sad about…

jensen-x-flipsthis ugly phase in the local independent music scene, but we know for sure that it will pass, people will learn something from it and the indie scene will continue to thrive.

We were amused by…

ust-fairview-1… the video of a Thomasian who walked from UST all the way to Fairview.

usttypeb… how this student rocked UST’s Type B uniform.

kyla-resourcefulthis girl who used a scanner to take her pictures, which came out pretty well.

dua-lipa… the seriously good video of these St. Paul College cheerleaders recreating Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’.

We couldn’t deal with…

Liza-1… the gorgeous Liza Soberano asking ‘Pangit ba ko?’ in the ‘My Ex and Whys’ trailer.

DearDavid… by far the scariest update on the ‘Dear David’ saga on Twitter.

Xave-Gregorio… the unexpected ending of this true Philippine ‘horror’ story.

We got into spirited conversations…

JuanMiguelLRT… about Juan Miguel Severo schooling the LRT management on the proper use of ‘ng’ and ‘nang’.

XianGaza… when someone exposed the dude who asked Erich Gonzales out on a coffee date via a billboard to let the pvblic know what kind of guy she knows him to be.

filipina_beauty… when Twitter user Judy Garci gave the pvblic a pep talk on the problems with Filipina beauty standards.

We fell in love with…

Kitakita… the love team of Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy in the film ‘Kita Kita’.

Mark… the hottie coachie of the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe.

ilysb… the story of how Paul Klein, vocalist of LANY, wrote their hit song ‘ILYSB’.

Here’s to more stories that enlighten us, give us the feels or get us into meaningful conversations.

Happy New Year, fam!