Ah yes, Yahoo Answers. Back before Reddit became a mainstream commodity, YA was the source for thoughts that nobody bothered to ask – or wanted answers to. You have queries on whether humans will ever walk on the sun, if killing an ant is illegal, or if burning Jesus-shaped pancakes will send you straight to hell.

The site had the occasional legit advice, but for the most part, it was peak Internet culture – insane, but undeniably hilarious. Sadly, all good things come to an end, as Yahoo Answers has announced that they’ll be shutting down on May 4th.

According to the notice found on the platform, the shutdown was caused by YA’s decline in popularity over the years. Posting of Q&As will cease on April 20th, but the site’s content will be available to browse until its closure in May.

If you’re a regular of the site, you can download and preserve your content before June 30, 2021. Otherwise, visiting Yahoo Answers after its closure will redirect users to the main Yahoo website.

Cheers, Yahoo Answers, thanks for the good laugh during our childhoods. While you might be gone, your sh*tposting ways will continue to live on in our Internet minds and hearts.