XS Multimedia is looking for a brutally creative K12 graduate

Gil Cadiz
XS Out of School

Are you a K12 graduate?

Do you have a strong passion for visual arts but don’t have the means to pursue a degree?

You might be the person XS Multimedia is looking for.

XS Multimedia, the parent company of We the Pvblic has recently launched XS Out of School, a special one-year program for one brutally creative but underprivileged K12 graduate who dreams of pursuing a career in advertising and design.

The globally-awarded creative innovations company believes in developing young talents and providing equal opportunity to those who are hungry for it.

With a roster of local and international clients, homegrown talents and in-house resources, XS Out of School was a natural step to take for XS Multimedia.

XS Out of School

The applied learning program of XS Out of School, which is patterned after the company’s efficient and immersive internship program for university students (XS Interns), aims to select, hire and train one talented K12 graduate who is unable to pursue a degree in design due to financial constraints.

The ‘hire’ will be provided with a special internship package plus an intensive mentorship program, complete with trainings and classroom-set up discussion tackling subjects such as graphic design, copywriting and advertising.

The program will run for a year after which the individual may opt out and pursue a career outside of the company or be absorbed as a regular employee.

There is no catch, but the screening process will be stringent. Up front, the applicant must be a K12 graduate with an exceptional creative talent. Applicants coming from low income families and located within Quezon City will be given priority.

Talent can be easily found anywhere, but brutal creativity – the drive to learn, the grit to do the work, and the passion to create – is a rarity and something one may only see in the young.

Here are the requirements:
1) Application Letter
2) Completed the K to 12 Curriculum
3) Good Academic Standing (85% or Above General Average)
4) Certificate of Annual Accumulated Income
5) Certificate of Good Moral Character/Good Standing in the Community

If you want to apply or nominate an individual, send us an email along with the applicant’s CV at [email protected]

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