Xian Gaza surrenders to police over investment scam

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Philippine Star

“Billboard suitor” Xian Gaza has surrendered to police in Malabon after two warrants that were issued over his alleged investment scam.

According to Rappler, Gaza refused to appear before a metropolitan trial court that is hearing cases filed against him for allegedly breaking the Philippines’ anti-bouncing checks law.

Philippine Star

ABS-CBN reported on April 10 that Gaza faced a complaint about supposedly duping Jaime Asuncion and Melinda Cruz into investing in a coffee shop which he was working on. Cruz had shelled out P2 million for the business, and Gaza claimed the original investor had backed out.

According to the report, Asuncion was the original investor and he didn’t back out. Asuncion allegedly shelled out P1 million for Gaza’s business.

Both have claimed that Gaza didn’t pay them back.

Philippine Star

Gaza has asked help from friends for his bail for the reason being that “he’s broke.”

“I became a fraud along the way. I really hate the person I’ve become,” he added.

Philippine Star

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