Would you buy Balenciaga’s new ‘fully destroyed’ sneakers for P100,000?


Balenciaga has previously released eyebrow-raising pieces like its collab with Crocs, unveiling the rubber sandals with heels in 2021. But this time, the fashion label launched a collection of distressed sneakers. Dubbed the Paris, its beat-up look certainly doesn’t match the price, which will run for $1,850 (almost P100,000).

Another version of the collection isn’t as worn out as the ones in the campaign visual seen above. Balenciaga’s site reveals that it comes in high-top and mule iterations, which retail for $495 (P25,970) and $625 (P32,790), respectively.

Meanwhile, the severely tattered version is limited to only 100 pairs. According to the fashion brand’s press release, the Paris sneaker is “meant to be worn for a lifetime”, which explains its extremely worn-out look.

Balenciaga Paris Sneaker, <b> Would you buy Balenciaga’s new ‘fully destroyed’ sneakers for P100,000? </b>

The ‘fully destroyed’ iteration of the sneakers has frayed edges, tattered shoelaces, washed-out marks on the midsole, and of course, a rustic-looking Balenciaga mark on the side. It also comes in red, white, and black colorways. This is arguably not a pair you’d spend thousands of pesos on.

While Balenciaga probably did it to promote its new line, ethical fashion campaigner Livia Firth slammed the sneaker collection on Instagram. She expressed how selling something destroyed at a high price is “beyond offensive to those who wear shoes like this because they can’t even afford a basic meal.”

Many online users on Twitter instantly made memes about the Paris Sneakers and questioned why anyone would even purchase a pair.

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