Woomen.ph connects make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts with one click!

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Woomen.ph began in November 2016 when a group of women sat down to think of ways to Win Others Over – the reason they’re called WOOmen.

22499036_10155936168256564_5644480154484087970_oWoomen.ph aims to help other women stand out in the crowd and rise above the challenges of modern life. One way of doing this is by giving members the confidence they need to overcome any situation.

Woomen.ph connects them with cosmeticians who can educate them and improve their appearance. Armed with knowledge and their new looks, these women are ready for anything!

22405806_527589044256920_6404723840137374026_nThe site highlights fashion and beauty services of various hair and make-up artists. The primary goal is to raise the profile of cosmetic artisans in the Philippines.

22491694_527589054256919_4923461883730606249_nTo achieve this, woomen.ph empowers aspiring and professional make-up designers and beauty enthusiasts by providing them with opportunities to enhance their respective careers.

You can easily contact a professional make-up artist and set an appointment with one click!

Some other features and services that will be launched pretty soon are:

* Booking beauty events online
* Buy, sell, and trade makeup products through the woomen.ph marketplace
* Enroll make-up courses online at top schools

Check out the woomen.ph site here!


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