PS: A woman’s choice of clothing does NOT equate to consent

Gelo Lasin

There’s a disturbing notion that’s been a very hot topic nowadays, but in reality, has been around for as long as I can remember.

Apparently, there’s this messed up idea that a woman’s choice of clothing is some sort of a gauge on whether certain men will harass them or not.

So let’s say you were caught outside sporting something a bit seductive. Well, bad luck for you sis, ’cause you just gave every morally deprived individual within a foot mile radius the go signal to torment you.

The issue reached the full peak recently during a rape case of a 17-year-old girl in Ireland. Apparently, said girl’s lacey thong was used as an evidence against her.

Lawmaker Ruth Coppinger detailed:

A barrister actually told a jury to ‘look at the way she was dressed’, that she was ‘open to meeting someone’ because she was ‘wearing a thong with a laced front.’

The defendant would later be acquitted, sending Ireland – and practically the rest of the world – fuming.

Aside from the protests on the streets, the pvblic outcry has reached social media as well, with netizens posting pics of their underwear, along with the caption, ‘This is Not Consent’.


Coppinger later revealed that lacey thongs aren’t the only things that passed as ‘credible’ pieces of evidence in court. Fake tan and contraception have been used against rape victims as well.

Unless we have enough sense to hold people accountable for their actions instead of shifting the blame to the victims, the entire case will be just another addition to this disturbing trend.

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