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‘Wish Ko Lang’ is so dramatic even a corpse choked up


‘Wish Ko Lang’ is one of those shows that thrives on making people tear up, so it’s no surprise when one of its actors appeared to do the same. An episode had the Internet in stitches when a supposedly emotional scene was disrupted by actor Shido Roxas, who inadvertently ‘gulped’ while pretending to be a corpse.

Cue in the dramatic music and the perfect timing of Christopher De Leon’s head turn, and you have a recipe for a chuckle or two. According to a synopsis, Roxas plays De Leon’s long-lost former lover who died of a heart attack. The episode aired last July 9, 2021.

Twitter was quick to point out that Filipino TV is no stranger to hilarious death scenes. One brought up an iconic blooper from Ang Probinsyano, which saw a corpse picking his nose in an otherwise intense sequence. Another was from GMA’s Kambal Karibal, which featured a nurse performing the world’s softest chest compressions.

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