Willem Dafoe says being in the EDSA Revolution was ‘an incredible feeling’


In today’s edition of epic crossovers, American actor Willem Dafoe shared that he was part of the legendary 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

In an video from Vanity Fair, Willem said that while shooting the film ‘Platoon‘ in PH, he and the film crew were told to halt production due to the ongoing protests – which he promptly joined.

(Watch from 3:30 onwards)

‘For about three or four days, me and a couple of other people that were there ahead of time were out on the streets with the people’

‘It was an incredible feeling because it was a revolution that happened for the most part without violence.’

It goes without saying that the first People Power against the Marcos regime belongs in history books for straying from the norm by prioritizing peace rather than bloodshed  – and it’s pretty epic that one of PH’s most noble days stayed with Willem even after 33 years.

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