An honest review

Wildest Dreams‘, the country’s first-ever visual album (VA), has reached 1 million views in just 2 days. Premiering on Nadine Lustre’s birthday on October 31, the 33-minute visual spectacle showcases songs from her recently-dropped album of the same name.

Serving as a reintroduction to the star, Nadine dubs the project as a way for people to ‘see me for who I really am‘ with her first delve into songwriting after years of veering away.

nadine lustre wildest dreams review, <b> Nadine Lustre&#8217;s ‘Wildest Dreams’ reached 1M views in 2 days. Is it worth the hype? </b>

Behind the VA

Presented by James Reid’s music label Careless and directed by Dominic Bekaert, ‘Wildest Dreams’ opens with the mythical story of Nadine looking for her ‘pearls‘, as it slowly unravels to represent the journey of allowing herself to live as she pleases.

‘Each song/video presents a new stage in Nadine’s interior journey, helping her realize things about herself,’ Bekaert shared with Manila Bulletin.

‘We move from a dark and doubtful mood in the first video, towards a brighter sense of discovery and self-appreciation.’

nadine lustre wildest dreams review, <b> Nadine Lustre&#8217;s ‘Wildest Dreams’ reached 1M views in 2 days. Is it worth the hype? </b>

What we think

With downright stunning set pieces and precise elements, the interconnected MVs are no doubt a visual spectacle, one we’ve come to expect from a multifaceted artist such as Nadine. Nothing is left to chance in the 33-minute dream sequence produced like a well-executed film.

However beautiful the backdrop though, the songs have a tendency to fuse together during your first – or maybe even second and third – listen. The songs are decent and professionally mixed, for sure, but casual listeners may find that there are few distinctions when it comes to the beat and even Nadine’s delivery. This can lead to the album feeling like one merged consistent track, making it take a while to find a song that really sticks.

One thing that can’t be critiqued is just how personal ‘Wildest Dreams‘ is. With Nadine lending a pen to the majority of songs, it’s no doubt a look into a psyche that fans (and gossip columnists) have long been buzzing about.

Ultimately, in an era of one-hit wonders and fading stars, ‘Wildest Dreams‘ serves as a rare glimpse of what happens if you let artists be artists – minus the ‘celebrity‘ tagline and the BS expectations that come with it.

After years of being under the pvblic eye, it’s a clear look into Nadine in her truest self. And for someone who yearns to be taken seriously as a musician, that’s what matters most.

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