Why Twitter loves the Philippines


A live creative canvas with an influential live audience – that is Twitter.

Twitter launched the first ever #TwitterCityPH in the Philippines at The Mind Museum in Taguig earlier today to thank the local community of users, partners, and its advertisers for the unending support.


The #TwitterCityPH is a space showcasing Twitter as the live connection to culture and how Filipinos’ passions such as faith, sports, TV, food, entertainment, politics have been discovered, shared, and undeniably enjoyed more through tweets.


Its installed private space in The Mind Museum compromising of different booths such as a #SelfieMuna area aka photobooth, a classroom with the Twitter #FlightSchool training, a Twitter #Trending Frenzy Wall, an #AlDub TV Booth, a basketball court, a #FoodStrip, and #PiliPinasDebates2016 podiums, they even have their own #Twitoda pedicab.








The Philippines was namely one of Twitter’s fastest growing markets in 2015 with millions of Filipinos using Twitter as an essential part of their national, cultural and everyday moments.

A lot of #PinoyPride cultural highlights was seen over the past year:

3.3 million local Tweets during the #PapalVisitPH in January 2015



41 million global Tweets for the AlDub charity concert in October 2015, in addition to the 1-2 million daily Tweets about the AlDub TV sensation

3 (1)

Almost 700,000 global Tweets for APEC Summit held back in Manila in November 2015

4 (1)

6.7 million global Tweets for the crowning history of Miss Philippines at the Miss Universe Pageant in December 2015


And the 2015 Golden Tweet for the Philippines

None other than Yaya Dub’s tweet with over 76,000 Retweets viewed nearly 2.4 million times over Twitter

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s Vice President of Global Online Sales, said the Philippines has been an amazing success story for Twitter in 2015 as one of the largest social media markets in the world.

“Twitter helps Filipinos of all ages, communities, and backgrounds connect to one another every day, but it also connects the rest of the world to the country’s vibrant culture. We appreciate all of the love from Filipinos and we’re launching our first Asian #TwitterCity in the Philippines to show our commitment to our users.”

Rishi Jaitly, Twitter’s Vice President for Media in the Asia Pacific and Middle East mentioned that 2016 will indeed be one exciting year for Twitter in the Philippines as there’s “never been a better time for Filipinos to be on Twitter today.”

Jaitly also spoke about the millennials using Twitter, how they wanted to consume stories that are personal, authentic, original, raw, interactive that they create which is live and in the moment.

“That positions us extremely well. We are the platform of live. We are the platform of genuine interactivity. We are the platform of personality.”

He continued, “That’s why Twitter’s doing so well. We meet young people, and we’re going to continue to provide products and contact experiences that meet users where they are.”

From the upcoming #TwitterElection and other news, sports, TV, and entertainment moments in the Philippines this year, “you can be sure that Twitter will be the first service people and the media use to see what’s happening in the world, direct from the source and live as it unfolds.”

A whole lot of Filipino culture will happen on Twitter in 2016 from entertainment such as Miss Universe’s homecoming trip, to politics with COMELEC for the first-ever #TwitterElection in the Philippines, to basketball such as PBA, and the FIBA World Olympic Men’s Qualifying Tournament.

Don’t worry! Twitter will also help brands create a live connection to their customers, the people’s passions, and to the Filipino culture.

One little question on every millennial’s mind: What happened to the “favorite” button being changed to the “like” button?

Jaitly answered, “I’ve been on Twitter almost four years. Users are always reacting: with the blue line in the conversation, the favorite to like. For me, that’s a sign of commitment.”

“And it lasts for a few days, and then most people are like, ‘This is great!’ So I think that’s been my observation all through out.”

“I’m certainly liking more tweets, and I bet you are too,” Jaitly added.

What does Twitter want to say to all the millennial users out there?

“We live this platform, we live this culture. We’re all passionate about media and all of that. So what I would say is, we all have choices around what apps we use and how we connect with friends and how we connect with news, and stay passionate and engaged.”

Twitter would co-exist with all of those. “In terms of keeping up with what’s happening to the world and your city, your community, it’s important,” Jaitly continued.

“There’s nothing like Twitter. If you close your eyes and imagine a world without Twitter, it’s actually impossible.”

“Know that we’re a company that is like you. And we’ve noticed how you used Twitter. And millennial power.”