Why Ffion’s ‘Bad Rumours’ EP is going to be your go-to post-breakup playlist

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Singapore-based singer Ffion has finally arrived in the Philippines and she shared with We the Pvblic her take on her tracks that will give you all the feels you need to feel.

Album cover for Ffion’s Bad Habits EP

Ffion makes her music genuinely raw, mixing chill and electronic music together which’ll make you want to hit the replay button twice, even thrice.

She lets her songs do the speaking for her on another level, and although she sings about her own experiences, she successfully relates it on an intimate level with the pvblic.

We the Pvblic had the chance to interview the 21-year-old singer just before her show in Manila at 20:20 with Taken By Cars, She’s Only Sixteen, and BP Valenzuela yesterday.

When and how did you start out as an artist?

Ffion: Well I started as an artist back when I was about 15-years-old. I had YouTube covers and then I got bored of that. I took a year break and I just started writing my own stuff. I ventured into electronic music and I thought okay, I like this sound and I just carried on with that and I released under that kind of genre, so that’s how it started.

What’s the inspiration behind your music?

Ffion: Mostly relationships, failed relationships. It’s sad but true.

There’s some happy songs in there but it’s mostly about exes and some is also about family relationships, so like, I can’t say about who, but it’s close family.

What’s your favorite song of all time?

Ffion: Probably “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse.

What’s the story behind your “Bad Habits” EP?

Ffion: It’s mostly ‘cause of failed relationships. I was thinking back like, “Why do these relationships fail? Is it because of me or is it because of the other side?” It’s just a very – is it my fault all the time? Like, is it a habit that I’m doing? Miscommunicating, y’know. So that’s just kind of how that happened.

What’s your favorite song from your whole “Bad Habits” EP?

Ffion: Probably “I Miss U”.  That was the first song that we wrote, me and Grosse the producer. It was just a song that needed to be written for me to move on with life. I’m just very hung up over this person. I felt like I just couldn’t move on. And when I finally wrote the song, a lot of things in my life changed, it just let me move on from the negative space.

And yeah, writing it was very fun as well. It’s always nice to collaborate with someone new, and yes, it was a very fast process, like 24 hours and the song was done.

How do you get in the zone of making music?

Ffion: I think I only write when something big has happened in my life, or else I just don’t bother ‘cause if it’s insignificant, it’s going to be boring to me to write about it, so, after breaking up with someone or something really bad happens, I need that outlet to write. So, that’s kind of where the inspiration comes from – like it has to be a big event basically.

Can you tell us more about your “By Ffion Williams” merchandise?

Ffion: It’s mostly inspired by street style. Very minimal pieces, very clean. The denim jacket is two-toned, so it’s black at the back and blue at the front. You can wear it with anything basically but it still has that kind of quirk to it, I guess.

Do you plan to make more in the future?

Ffion: I’m not sure. I don’t want to like force it. Like, if it happens, it happens.

What’s your personal clothing style?

Ffion: Very casual, mostly street style. I love a lot of distressed items, a lot of ripped jeans. I have a pair I did by myself. My family makes fun of me all the time. I love sneakers. I love Vans, I love Nike, Adidas. I like interesting pairs.

I have this pair of Adidas shoes, like Stan Smith. But it’s a collaboration with Jeremy Scott. So it has the wings, but they’re really subtle wings, so they’re not huge but, it’s just at the side. Like when you walk, they minimally flap, so it’s just like you’re flying. It’s really cute.

Aside from her clothing style, we wanted to know about her chosen genre.

How’d you get into your electronic genre?

Ffion: James Blake. When I found his music, I watched him in Laneway Festival Singapore and, I just really fell in love with electronic music there, the way he does it.

Electronic music is so mechanical and it’s very straight, and to be able to make music that’s so gentle and soft really puts soul into it. It’s kind of intriguing to me – it’s two opposites melted together and you create something so great. So to get to do that myself is something I’m very passionate about.

If you were to describe your music using only one word, what word would that be?

Ffion: “Quirky.”

It’s not very mainstream, I wouldn’t say it was R&B even though people have labeled it R&B. It doesn’t follow conventional songwriting forms, it’s very all over the place.

Like “I Miss U” doesn’t really have a form, it’s like Part A, Part B. So is “Rumours,” I would say quirky.

If you would switch genres, which genre would you choose?

Ffion: Oh my God. Dangerous question.

Facebook: Ffion

I think this week, ‘cause I probably change every week, I’d say, like old punk rock. Like My Chemical Romance, Greenday, that kind of stuff. It’s super nostalgic for me, it’s just super fun to listen to. I was just jamming out to that kind of music the other day while packing for this trip and, I just had so much fun. So, I think we really want to perform it live, if I got to do that, but unfortunately not.

How do you make your music so relatable to the pvblic?

Ffion: I think it’s just a genuine experience, probably. A lot of people go through similar situations, like, breakups. Everyone goes through breakups. And unrequited love. Bad stuff in life happens to everyone so I think it’s just like bound to happen.

When you were writing “Rumours,” what was that all about?

Ffion: “Rumours” was about my first real relationship and the way it ended was super messy. This was when I was like 16, so, I haven’t moved on, like, fully let go of it. And my producer was friends with the guy that I was in a relationship with. So he knew the guy and he knew the situation, and he was like, “You’re still like hung up about it, you should let it out.”

And I was like, “I don’t want to.” He was like, “Nah, you should.” So he basically forced me to write the song, and I had so much trouble putting to paper what I wanted to say. So he was like, “If he’s in the room right now, what would you say to him?” And I was like, “Fuck you.”

He was like, “Okay then, write it down.” So that’s how that line came out. But the rest of the song is just about the rumours that he spread about me. It was just super messy.

How do you want to be remembered by the pvblic?

Ffion: I guess, someone who doesn’t have a front. Like, who is just super real about everything. Authentic.

What’s your message to all aspiring musicians out there?

Ffion: Stay passionate, be consistent, just keep doing it. If you love it, just do it. Don’t be scared.

What can the Filipino pvblic expect from your show?

Ffion: Just a really chill time. Really laidback vibes.

Do you have any bad habits?

Facebook: Ffion
Facebook: Ffion

Ffion: Yes, I do. I think one of my most recent bad habits is like unlocking a door with a key, and going into the room, but forgetting my key at the door. I’ve been doing it a lot recently. That’s the one that’s been happening the most.

How about you — do you have a bad habit? Maybe forgetting to take the key off the lock of your door? Or maybe getting into a relationship with the wrong person? This EP is going to make your day a lot easier and better.

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