Why can’t we be more than friends? ‘Tanggap’ is going to make you feel things this Pride Month

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We’re the perfect match. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.

But I’m not what you want, at least, not if we’re the same.

This is the recurring theme in the short film made by Lawrence Suzara with Sachzna Laparan and Clar Frias, a tribute this Pride Month.

Sometimes, when you love someone, you just can’t stop loving that person, no matter what the signs tell you, no matter how hard you try.

And sometimes, that love you would willingly give to that person, no matter how hard you long for it, just can’t be reciprocated. It’s a hurtful thought. You won’t be given a chance to prove what you’re worth, to be loved back by someone just because of who you are; what you were born with.

Because that’s what they keep saying, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, right?

And that’s how it ends for the lesbian portrayed by Clar: Nothing but heartbreak for loving the girl of her dreams, who loves someone who isn’t her.

Hindi kayo taloHanggang bestfriends lang talaga.

But don’t take this as a note that no one will love you indefinitely, because one way or another, when you stop chasing the wrong things and start letting the right things catch up to you, we assure you, you will find the one. You will love and be loved the way you deserve.

Like this recurring tweet, “One day, someone will love you for all the things you were left for.”

So be yourself, and carry on. Love until you find the one.

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