Why aren’t we talking more about Ylona Garcia?


The author can be a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to famous people, places to be, and bubbling-under happenings. Join him on his journey of enlightenment.

The last time I was reminded of Ylona Garcia was when I came across her mirror-wipe-something challenge on Instagram. And even if I was already desensitized with Tiktok vids by then, this Filipino-Australian beaut was still a standout, as she just looked insanely attractive.

To support my claim, may the jury please direct their attention to Exhibit A.

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But beyond Tiktok challenges, I knew little about Ylona Garcia. She first caught my attention when she was tapped to jam with 88rising in their now postponed online summer festival. Sure, her name did sound familiar, but I didn’t know that she was a celebrity, or that she made her start on one of the countless iterations of Pinoy Big Brother.

So naturally, as someone who had their interest piqued, I did some research. Oh hey, she bagged a couple of Awit and MYX music awards a couple of years back. That’s cool!

She also apparently has a 2016 album My Name is Ylona Garcia. It’s… okay, but her new music is far better. I dunno, it just sounds less cookie-cutter and more… natural. Like you’re really listening to her. Just check out the difference in tone with Spilt Milk and Space.

If records being scratched from overuse was still a thing, then Walk In My Timbs with Jay-R would be my main victim. With Ylona’s smooth and dreamy vocals, the single wouldn’t be out of place if it was an international release. Plus, the music video looked like it was a blast to film.

A few hours into my discovery of Ylona Garcia, I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface. All I know at this point is that, between her looks, the awards, the 88rising nod, the bop-worthy music, plus the overwhelming reaction of her supporters to our writeup, she’s a somebody, if not a little ‘underrated’, it seems.

Now, I’m using the term ‘underrated’ loosely here, as someone who is usually doesn’t have 3.6 million followers on IG or a couple of a million streams on Spotify.

But it seems that the buzz around Ylona is limited to her loyal fanbase or the occasional viral IG post. I could always be wrong (see: ignoramus), but it would be a shame if I wasn’t, as more people deserve to hear more from Ylo and her jams.

Ylona Garcia, <b> Why aren&#8217;t we talking more about Ylona Garcia? </b>

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