This dude uploads hilariously wholesome vids on Pornhub

Gelo Lasin

While Pornhub may be home to more fetishes than one could count in their entire lifetime, one dude is doing his part to make a difference, one vid at a time.

Ryan Creamer is a 26-year-old writer for CollegeHumor who has been low-key uploading clips on the porn site which see him doing totally wholesome acts such as ‘I Offer You Water (In Case You Are Parched Post-Orgasm)’.

Ryan (shamefully) told Buzzfeed News that he started his new…erm…’venture’ when he discovered the ‘Work For Us’ option while browsing for porn.

His first video was called ‘I Tuck You In After You Have Cum’ where he does exactly as the title indicates, complete with a smile and good night kiss.

And while his act might come off as some self-righteous, anti-porn advocacy for some, Ryan insists that it wasn’t the case. He was going more for a sketch comedy channel to further his comedic career.

In fact, he initially had an idea for only one video, which soon blew up on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter.


Ryan also claims that the Pornhub community, in general, has been very supportive, as he receives messages of positivity like ‘Hey, this just made me feel good.’

Even real pornstars and sex workers love his work. In fact, a spokesman from Pornhub released a statement on how open they are to Ryan’s type of content.


‘Ryan’s content has been very well received by our community and we encourage artists and creators alike to consider our platform to get their work out into the world’, they wrote.


Images from @silicondomme