‘White Chicks’ in Filipino is all you need right now


“Bulag ka ba? That’s Gloria and Helen Matabungkay.”

Macoy Averilla has made another masterpiece for the Filipino pvblic with his dubbed version of a famously funny clip from White Chicks.

Averilla has made a name for himself with his Tagalog-dubbed flicks such as Mean GirlsThe Devil Wears Prada, and now, our dubbed fave Beverly Hill Ho-Billies, or in Macoy’s terms, mga aliping sagigilid ng McKinley Hills — ang mga hypebeast.

You’ll see the Wilson Sisters and the Matabungkay Sisters have a face-off about mudras and don’t worry, Averilla says it’s only the first part!

Who’s dying to see the next one already? ???

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