What’s so special about this Black Nazarene?

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January is an annual witness to the sea of Manileños and other -eños from other provinces wearing a maroon-colored top whilst shoving, pushing other people out of the way. We see them start a procession, dubbed as “traslacion” along the hot asphalt road of Quirino Grandstand, and finish it at the famed Quiapo church.
They are the devotees of the Black Nazarene, which cruises imperial Manila at an average of 10 hours. Back in 2012, that year’s feast made mark as the parade lasted for 12 hours.

With this, we ask: What’s so special about this Black Nazarene?

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Well, nothing much



Only a projection of 10 million attendees

Just miracles that helped them get through life…

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Uhmmmm what do you think, Nora Aunor?

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