Wes Anderson reveals his fave films to watch in quarantine


With the Cannes Film Festival canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times had notable filmmakers relive their standout experiences at the annual event. Included in the survey is everyone’s fave auteur, Wes Anderson, who was supposed to debut his new film ‘The French Dispatch’ at Cannes this year.

Apart from making us drool about how cool it was to watch classic films in the Mediterranean (we can only dream), he also shared the 11 films that he watched with his 4-year old daughter while in quarantine:

Alice Adams (1935)


Beat The Devil (1953)


Nothing Sacred (1937)


Do The Right Thing (1989)


The Long Voyage Home (1940)


A Story from Chikamatsu (1954)


La Grande Bouffe (1973)


The Passionate Friends (1949)


Station Six Sahara (1962)


What Price Hollywood (1932)


Winter Kills (1979)


Banner: New York Times