We’re downloading this Harry Potter mobile game as soon as it hits app stores!

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This is how you can finally receive your Hogwarts letter: Through playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on your mobile phone. It’s already out on Google Play, but Apple users have to wait a little bit longer to download this magical game.

It’s under the role-paying game (RPG) genre, and here you get to control your very own avatar. Just like Sims, you get to customize your characters (a first for Harry Potter games!) before you get to attend Hogwarts classes and learn how to cast spells. Like most RPG games, the player’s decisions affect their character’s story arc.

The Potterhead website says the game “will invite you to create your own personalised student avatar, and make key decisions that will impact your story. The trailer wisely reminds us of Dumbledore’s words: ‘It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’”

“As the game continues, so will your Hogwarts education, your magical skills and relationships with other characters, so make sure to make every decision count. In other words – don’t choose a Crabbe and Goyle-style path, eh?” the website reads.

The name of the game is quite misleading though. You don’t actually get to interact with Harry Potter himself as the game is set in the 1980s when the Boy Who Lived was just born. But you’re sure to find the likes of Albus Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall and Ron’s older brother Bill Weasley. We also bet they’ll be able to tie the game up with the war and dark times Voldemort started at that time.

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