This weird cat sounds like you after a night of ‘walwal’

Gelo Lasin

A weird cat is freaking the pvblic out (including us) when it decided to make an unnatural sound out of nowhere.

While other felines would be content to say ‘meow’ or even adorably purr, a Japanese cat named Chobimaru did his best impression of a college kid after a night of walwal by going ‘lawlilawlilawlilawli’


While cats do make unusual sounds when they’re fighting or when they’re looking for someone to Netflix and chill with (IYKWIM), Chobimaru is different because of his sheer randomness. The cat just straight up decided to make human-like sounds outta nowhere.

According to Inquirer, the owner claims that this wasn’t actually the first time, as the owner’s Twitter caption reads ‘Chibimaru is talking again…scary.’

After Chibimaru had his fill of ‘lawlilawli’ (and freaking tf out of us), the cat reportedly returned to his ‘meowing’ ways.

Just another reason why I’m a dog person

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