We The Pvblic Featured Art: Tony Futura

We The Pvblic


Tony Futura is a Berlin based artist who creates artistic and colorful pop culture collages. His mix of relatable everyday objects and icons makes his art more interesting to look at. The pop of colors and right elements are his key essentials to create a stunningly good art and makes it base to base on point.
Modern, offbeat and eye catching.
This pieces of art are GOLD! You can check more of it on his Instagram account. 

Tony-Futura-Instagram-2 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-27 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-1 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-21 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-11 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-26 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-9 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-19 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-3 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-20 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-23 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-5 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-18 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-7 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-14 we the pvblicTony-Futura-Instagram-22 we the pvblic


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