We just proved that a 90’s party will never not be AWESOME

Gelo Lasin

There’s something about the 90’s that will always be… irreplaceable.

Whether it be the baggy jeans, the multi-colored facades, or the loud graphic tees, it was an unabashed period of being fresh and giving absolutely zero craps – the perfect image of the people we represent.

We The Pvblic recently held its third-anniversary party called ‘TRES’ at its newly minted office at Scout Borromeo, Quezon City. The 90’s-themed party was an exclusive, invite-only gathering of close friends and partners who were instrumental in shaping ‘We The Pvblic’ as it is today.

Neon lights decked the private affair, while throwback tracks reinvented with contemporary tunes kept the vibe alive throughout the night.

Alcohol, as usual, played a huge part in making the party as upbeat as it was. And who better to represent the modern millennial other than the world-class beer, Heineken.

Heineken was the popular kid during the event, thanks to its perfect combo of a not-too-aggressive taste with just the right alcohol content to keep you on your toes. In a way, it was an image of the mood we tried to achieve – chill but fun.

Amidst all of the flash and frills, ‘TRES’, at its core, was an awesome display of just how far We The Pvblic has gone in our pursuit of reshaping the millennial audience – as well as our HUGE potential of kicking ass and dominating the landscape in years to come.

In the end, we would like to say our thanks. To You. To your friend who reco’d you to us. To that random dude who tagged you in one of our memes. To those who liked and shared both our inane and sensible stories. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.

We’re not done, far from it. You’ll be with us when we conquer the world eventually – and we promise it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Shoutout to the following sponsors for making ‘TRES’ possible:

Heineken, Embassy Whisky, The Bar, Liqor 43, Sip, Mcdonald’s, Diyalogo, Netflix, Yellow Cab, and Leadsense Print and Graphic Solutions.

Watch our highlight reel here:

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