‘We Failed Again As Humans’ trends after Taal Volcano eruption


It’s hard to fault anyone who blames humans for every global disaster that happens. We tend to be selfish and inconsiderate tenants who somehow think we’re above Mother Nature – and not the other way around.

Take your pick: climate change, uncontrolled Amazon fires, 2019’s Cats, we’ve had a hand in almost every atrocity that Earth has had to put up with. Hence, the term and now popular reminder ‘We Failed Again as Humans’.

But as with any other phrase, it tends to be misused, such as when the recent Taal Volcano eruption was placed on everyone’s shoulders.

HAYST 🙁 nyare sa earth unti-unti nanatin sinisira.BTW KEEPSAFE GUYS

Posted by Logbet Manyaman on Sunday, January 12, 2020


It’s trolling at its finest (let’s be honest, no one’s that dense, right? Right?), but for the 1% out there who are in need of clarification, here it is: ‘We Failed Again As Humans’ doesn’t apply here, because the Taal eruption is a natural disaster, not man-made. It’s a volcano. Erupting is literally their main thing.

Sure, we ‘failed’ when we started hoarding and charging higher prices for face masks, or when employers still demanded that people come to work. But as for the phenom itself, even screw-ups such as humans aren’t at fault, for once.