#WeBlockAsOne proves celebs should speak out, despite their flaws

ICYMI, fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla took a stand against online trolls with the hashtag #WeBlockAsOne after blogger ‘Banat By’ took a swipe at the love team for speaking their mind on the ABS-CBN shutdown.

Kathniel supporters called on the fandom to mass report the offenders, which have been the bane of social media under the Duterte administration.


Kathniel is the latest to trigger strong reactions online, following Coco Martin’s spirited outburst and Kim Chiu’s incoherent yet well-intended statement. And while Chiu and Martin have been ridiculed and accused of being overdramatic, they, along with Kathniel, nevertheless prove a great point: celebs are vital in triggering movements for positive change, despite their flaws.

If Coco Martin decided to keep mum or delivered a ho-hum speech, the media would’ve never written about how he basically became Cardo Dalisay and the ‘face of the resistance’, thus garnering more traction in the process.

Sure, Chiu has been the subject of countless memes, but how many fellow artists and notable figures – each with their own massive fanbases – have voiced out their defense since then?  One could argue if not for Chiu’s flub, her attempt to raise the network’s issue would not have met the same kind of support.

WeBlockAsOne, <b> #WeBlockAsOne proves celebs should speak out, despite their flaws </b>

Such is the price when speaking out against oppressors. But even if these celebs aren’t perfect (who is?), their influence is undeniable, which is why their voices need to be heard more than ever.

Filipinos have a tendency to unconditionally stan and imitate whichever figure they follow. It’s in our nature. Just look at how Nadine Lustre made headlines AND praise for doing her own groceries. And while this reverence isn’t exactly perfect, #WeBlockAsOne proves it could spark some good when needed.

Unbeknownst to their detractors, each meme, each hateful comment that these celebs receive only adds further fuel to ABS-CBN’s cause. And with the increase in public pressure, it’s only a matter of time before the government gives in to the plea.

WeBlockAsOne, <b> #WeBlockAsOne proves celebs should speak out, despite their flaws </b>

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