We Asked People Who Use “Forda Ferson”: Why?


with words by Ellah Perone.

Forda confused na ba ang mga Ferson? 

Forda Ferson is a new internet slang that doesn’t seem to slow down. Its origin came from TikTok user Chrishanna who posted a drunken video on the app last March. Since then, it has rapidly invaded casual conversations (and in professional settings as well).

Before it meets its inevitable demise, Forda Ferson continues to influence our vocab. As with any trend at its peak, questions abound: Is it cringe, brain-dead, or just pure fun? Gen Z fersons Isabelle Laurente and El Legaspi answer all our “What’s” and “Why’s”.

Forda why do you use it, ferson?

It’s no question that TikTok has become a famous platform for trends. However, it’s been known that once a popular video peaks, it is bound to die down immediately. 

For El and Isabelle, they didn’t immediately ride the trend. But thanks to their blockmates and friends, soon enough they were hooked. Forda influence ng mga fersons!

forda, We Asked People Who Use “Forda Ferson”: Why?
Louise Elaine Legaspi Facebook

“There’s no right or wrong way to say it, as it can be used in different contexts.” said El. For them, it’s either a funny way to say what you’re about to do, or a creative way to describe someone. Forda go na ba tayo? Forda red girl!

El even admitted that this new lingo has become their go-to filler word since it trended online. Will Forda Ferson live long enough to join other common slangs? Only time will tell.

Is “Forda Ferson” a jeje term?

El and Isabelle said that their friends and family don’t find the slang THAT annoying. They even admitted that their moms use forda on a daily basis. “O, forda shopee ka na naman!”, their mom said.

The slang even found its way into academic institutions like in El’s class or Isabelle’s internship experience. El admitted that this new trend had become a point of discussion. Isabelle, on the other hand, said that she and her supervisor, who is in her 30’s, had been casually saying forda ferson”even in regular conversations.

forda, We Asked People Who Use “Forda Ferson”: Why?
Isabelle Laurente Twitter

The term forda ferson isn’t a “jeje” term. It’s just ~mass culture~.

Forda annoying nga ba ang mga ferson?

“Forda wala akong pake” said El. They also mentioned that people have different quirks and interests, and for some, this is a way of expression. It’s also believed that one of the reasons why people find this slang annoying is because of overuse. Isabelle admits to a time when a particular group of friends noticed how she uncontrollably sprinkled bits of forda and ferson into her sentences. 

We may agree to disagree on the level of displeasure in the slang, but these Gen Zs have proven that we can still enjoy certain trends (in moderation, of course), watch them go out of style, and move on to the next craze.

Bottomline: if it doesn’t hurt you, let people enjoy these things! Forda go! Forda win!
forda, We Asked People Who Use “Forda Ferson”: Why?

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