3 Ways on Finding Your Passion


“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

passion, 3 Ways on Finding Your PassionI have to agree with what Vincent van Gogh stated. Why waste time living in this world without pursuing your passion? If you haven’t figured out what your passion is, then here are the things that you need to look for:

1. That thing you love to do

What do you usually do that makes you happy? That one you do a couple of times without getting tired no matter how hard it is? Probably the thing you do when you are bored? Or the thing you usually do that you don’t consider as a task or work at all since you simply love doing it. You’ll never know, that little thing can bring you places.

2. That thing you can do for free

Imagine painting someone and giving the canvas to him/her for free. If you can do that without waiting for any amount of money, the great news is here as you have found what you are looking for. Money may be everything to others but doing what you love definitely gives a priceless feeling that money cannot suffice.

3. That thing you are not good at

Opposite to the usual things to consider, recognize something you are frustrated about. Just like in an adventure, this is not the time to stop yourself from experiencing the adrenaline rush you will get in bungee jumping. You can even attend workshops to enhance that skill. All these would be possible with the help of your mentor and your colleagues as well.

Now that you have found your passion, the next thing to do is to chase them. I swear that you will only get one thing and that is complete happiness.