Watching Arctic Monkeys live healed my emo teen self


I was in my 16-year-old “emo phase” when I came across Arctic Monkeys.

It was the height of Tumblr, and my dashboard was filled with reblogs of girls wearing oversized leather jackets and Doc Martens. Songs from the greatest rock bands of the time were sprawling on my feed. These songs were loud, great for rocking out, and filled with angst much like my teenage self. Listening to these bands in my formative years greatly impacted my personality to this day.

One day, I came across a YouTube link for Arctic Monkeys’ “Arabella” music video. I  fell in love with its black-and-white aesthetic. It looked gritty and draining, encapsulating the ‘badass’ I wanted to be. I started listening to more of their music, following every blog related to them I’ve watched videos from fans who watched them live. All I wanted was to watch them live. 

It was my first time going to a concert for a band I genuinely liked. I was nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. Come March 6, the Filinvest City Events Grounds was filled with booths and activities awaiting fans. 

@wethepvblic Good memories, good fun, good music 🤘🏻#ArcticMonkeysManila was a night to remember! 🖤 Thanks @Globe Telecom& @Karpos Multimedia for a concert experience like no other. #GlobeArcticMonkeys ♬ som original – davi

A one-of-a-kind concert experience

Those who came to the concert grounds early, like myself, never got bored while waiting for Arctic Monkeys to go onstage. Globe provided free water and drinks, charging stations to power up devices, and interactive booths with many activities to go around, the claw machine where you can get a prize, a guess the film quiz (which I got all the answers to), and even a karaoke bar!

arctic monkeys, <b>Watching Arctic Monkeys live healed my emo teen self</b>

What’s cool was, for every booth I tried, I got free temporary tattoos! I even got my face painted which I hadn’t done in a while, and it definitely got me in the concert spirit.

arctic monkeys, <b>Watching Arctic Monkeys live healed my emo teen self</b>

There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing the people you’ve watched and listened to most of your life for the first time. It felt magical to hear them play my favorite songs like “Brianstorm,” “Snap Out of It,” and “R U Mine?” It felt like my whole life was leading up to this moment as I heard them play the first note “Arabella.’

arctic monkeys, <b>Watching Arctic Monkeys live healed my emo teen self</b>

I was already jumping up and down with excitement since it was one of my favorite songs of all time and it was the song that made me fall in love with the band. I never really thought I would get the chance to hear them play live but thanks to Karpos Multimedia and Globe for bringing Arctic Monkeys to Manila, I got the chance to make my 16-year-old self happy!

I had so much fun vibing with other fans, met new friends through the concert, and even became Instagram mutuals with some of them! Overall, the experience was quite amazing. Arctic Monkeys Live in Manila is definitely a core memory and is something my inner teen is grateful for.

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