WATCH: Voice of Jenny Lind in ‘The Greatest Showman’ sings ‘Never Enough’ live

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Never Enough is the most covered song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Look it up on YouTube and you’ll see numerous covers ranging from meh to amazing. The song shot to Number 1 on Spotify in the U.S. and globally.

We’re all drawn to the song because of its soaring melody and lyrics beautifully penned by La La Land and Dear Even Hansen composers Justin Paul and Benj Pasek.

Actress Rebecca Ferguson played Swedish nightingale Jenny Lind, the character that performed Never Enough in the movie, but the exquisite vocals behind the song was provided by Loren Allred, former The Voice US contestant.

Loren Allred with The Greatest Showman star Hugh Jackman /

Since the movie was released, we haven’t seen a single clip of Loren singing Never Enough, making us more and more curious as to who she is and how she would sound if she performed the song live.

Well, the wait is over as she has finally posted on her YouTube channel a clip of her live performance of the song. She sounds as superb as she did in the recording, interpreting the song as if it’s especially written for her and hitting the high notes as if she’s lifting us onto higher ground.

Watch the clip here:

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