WATCH: Ryan Reynolds sings ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie disguised as a unicorn

Gil Cadiz

As part of the promotional activities for his upcoming movie Deadpool 2, Canadian national treasure Ryan Reynolds appeared unannounced on a variety show in South Korea called King of Masked Singers.

Wearing a unicorn mask and a shimmering cape, Ryan sang Tomorrow from the timeless Broadway musical Annie. He sang the full song with some shaky notes here and there, making the judges believe that he’s just one their run-of-the-mill contestants.

At the end of the song, he revealed his face and the crowd as well as the judges went absolutely nuts!

Asked by one of the hosts if he was nervous when he was singing, the all-around funny guy responded, “Yes, absolutely. I’m wearing an adult diaper.”

Watch the videos here:

Deadpool 2 has started spewing irreverence in Philippine cinemas yesterday.

Enjoy the movie, guys!

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