WATCH: Manulife’s heartwarming message is what the world needs now

We The Pvblic

Sometimes, you just need to find someone who will believe in you, so you can have the courage to fulfill your dreams.”

It starts out in a lonely comedy bar only filled by one spectator: his father.

Now, he tells his roaring crowd of an old joke he told when he was still starting out. “Dati, tatlo lang ang nanonood. Yung isa doon, tatay ko, yung dalawa waiter pa.”

He was a banker, his dream job, because “I was always dreaming in my job.”

After he got fired, he told his parents that he wanted to be a full-time stand up comedian. His mom goes, “Ha? Pagtatawanan ka ng mga tao.”

His father says the same thing, differently. “Pagtatawanan ka ng mga tao.”

The pivotal moment in the video was when his crowd was getting to know him and his relationship with his father too intimately, touching a soft spot in your heart when he looked at an empty chair that was his father’s.

And that moment was all it took to reel us in with the hilarious ending. Kudos, Manulife. You’ve made grown ups all around the world cry in that split second.