WATCH: ‘Kita Kita’ is the film you’ve been waiting for this 2017

We The Pvblic

Ramen. Low lighting. Silence. Loud slurping.

That was all Sigrid Bernardo’s Kita Kita needed to make a great kilig trailer for the pvblic.

You watch the two unsung heroes eat at a local ramen place and they exchange thoughts on ways to consume it. Who knew ramen could be such a great topic? Empoy Pogi’s character asks Alessandra de Rossi’s if she likes receiving flowers and it’s all smooth sailing from there. You can feel the strong connection and the kilig like it’s nothing you’ve ever felt before.

The woman stands up and finds her way to the toilet, where the big reveal hits — she’s actually blind.

In this short yet charming teaser, we see a new film for 2017 worthy of a full house at the theaters this coming July 19. One question we have left for the pvblic is this:

Is love truly blind?

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