WATCH: Jessie J elevates women in ‘Queen’ music video

We The Pvblic

Jessie J dropped a powerful music video for her latest single Queen, off the first part of her latest album R.O.S.E., which stands for Realizations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment. The English pop star announced that the album is going to be rolled out in four parts.


To help amplify the message of Queen, Jessie J invited a bevy of empowered women of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds to join her in the music video where they dance and sing along to the uplifting ditty, encouraging other women to sing the words to themselves to celebrate their womanhood.

The self-affirming song’s chorus goes “I love my body / I love my skin / I am a goddess / I am a queen/ I love my body/ I love my skin / I am a goddess / I am a queen.”

In a tweet to promote the video, Jessie J says, “I’m raising my voice to all women. I love you!”

The video is about and for y’all, Queens! Watch it in full here: