WATCH: 1,218 drones light up 2018 Winter Olympics opening

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We love watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games but in this year’s Winter Olympics opening, we saw a special light show that’s never been done before and made us think that fireworks are beginning to be a thing of the past as it can now be replaced by light-carrying drones.

Intel was the most talked-about participant at the telecast of the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in South Korea for putting up a light show using 1,218 drones.

Swarms of Intel’s Shooting Star drones not only lighted up the skies over Peongchang; they flew in formation to create jaw-dropping images of a snowboarder, a flying dove, and the iconic Olympic rings.

The light show was supposed to be done live during the ceremony but due to weather conditions and logistical issues, they had to air a prerecorded footage – still amazing, though.

For this unprecedented feat, Intel has a new entry at the Guinness Book of World Records for flying the most number of unmanned airborne vehicles at the same time.

Watch how Intel’s Drone Light Shows team was able to put it together in this video: