WATCH: Eminem drops ‘Walk on Water’ music video

Gil Cadiz

Rap god Eminem released the music video of his first single “Walk on Water” off his newest and 9th studio album called “Revival”.

Beyoncé is featured in the track but does not appear in the video, which centers on Eminem contemplating his career’s many stages through the song’s lyrics.

The video opens with Eminem rapping alone on a darkened stage of an empty theater followed by a scene of many Eminem clones all busy typing unintelligible text on typewriters – referencing Émile Borel and Arthur Eddington’s “Infinite Monkey Theorem.”

Next, the audience fills the theater but the stage turns into an icy lake. Eminem walks on the ice, sees himself trapped below the ice and proceeded towards a huge covered monument. He pulls the cover but what’s concealed is never revealed.

The video ends with one of the Eminem clones stepping forward to the camera and blurting out the last line, “Bitch, I wrote Stan.” – his tongue-in-cheek statement proving the Infinite Monkey Theorem true.

Watch the video here:

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