WATCH: ‘Die Beautiful’ Director Jun Robles Lana releases a deleted scene from the movie and it is chilling

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For most of you who’ve watched it, Die Beautiful begins and ends as a masterpiece by Director Jun Robles Lana. There have been daring, never before seen scenes, and chilling twists and moments in the movie. It is an inspiration to delve into these new curated films.

In the movie, Paolo Ballesteros plays protagonist Trisha Echevarria and all the struggles his character goes through. It puts the stereotype of the LGBTQ community in the limelight and smashes it all away because the film teaches you just what some of these people experience and have to go through day in day out: the rejections, the acceptance, the love they give and get.

Usually, they have been portrayed as “decorations to straight actors in teleseryes and movies”, the happy-go-lucky friend who gives witty puns and good advice. But this time is different. This time, it’s Tricia’s world.

It’s an inspiring movie that teaches you how to love yourself, flaws and imperfections, in and out.

Oh and btw, Lana released a vital deleted scene on his Twitter showcasing Christian Bables aka Barbs’ superior acting and love for his dearly departed friend and family.

See the whole clip:

Would you have opted for this scene to be in or cut? Leave a comment below!

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