WATCH: Deadma Walking promises to make you laugh your guts out

Gil Cadiz

We can’t wait for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 to open so we can watch Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Guzman play beshies for life in the black comedy “Deadma Walking”.

The film’s trailer, posted on Facebook by Cinema Bravo, has generated 2.5 million views in just three days. With a Palanca Award-winning script by Eric Cabahug (Dayo, Princess Maryam), the film is about a businessman who, upon being diagnosed with cancer, asked his theater actor best friend to help him fake his own death so he could experience his own funeral (in disguise) and hear what his loved ones have to say about him. In the process, comedy ensues!

Deadma Walking features special cameos by big stars led by Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, and Eugene Domingo. The film is produced by T-Rex Entertainment and the directorial debut of Julius Alfonso.

Gather your squad on Christmas day and celebrate enduring friendship by watching Deadma Walking.

Full trailer here:

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