WATCH: Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s wedding video is too precious

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“Coleen, love, knowing that it is God’s will for me to marry you, I make a commitment to you today in the presence of our Lord,” Billy Crawford starts as he looks into the eyes of the love of his life.

“It’s Showtime” host Billy Crawford and actress Coleen Garcia tied the knot at the members-only Balesin Island Club in Quezon province.

The star-studded wedding showed all smiles and everyone coming together for the union of Billy and Coleen. There was even a bit of an ode to Billy’s Bright Lights track in the same-day edit wedding video by Bob Nicolas.

“Si Billy Crawford po, ipinaglaban niya ang pagmamahal niya kay Coleen,” “It’s Showtime” co-host Vhong Navarro tells the crowd. “Si Billy Crawford po, lahat handang ipagpalit para po hindi mawala si Coleen. Lahat gagawin ni Billy Crawford para kay Coleen. Mawalan ng trabaho, mawalan ng kaibigan, ang importante sakanya ay buhay niya ay umiikot kay Coleen Garcia.”

“Kaya ako Billy, saludo ako sayo, dahil ang minamahal mong babae ay karapat dapat para sayo,” he ended.

“God really orchestrated everything, and I’m really thankful that all of you – all in white – are angels in our lives,” Billy tells their friends and family.

“I promise to work on myself, to be the best husband you deserve. You’re so much stronger than I am. But I commit to you now and forever to be your rock,” Billy tells Coleen.

“I promise you that we will face this world together. No looking back or too far ahead, only looking up for all the guidance we will ever need because, ultimately, the only way to win our battles is to surrender and let God fight for us,” Coleen said to a tearful Billy.

“And when the world misunderstands you, I will be here to understand you. I will be here to listen, to defend you, to fight for you, to love you and accept you.”

“It used to be you and me against the world,” Billy said. “But we were definitely wrong. It should’ve been God, you, me in this world. No more secrets, just love, transparency, faithfulness, respect, care, consistency, joy, and all the other beautiful things our savior Jesus Christ taught us.”

“Love, no matter what storm may hit us in this new beginning. I would choose to counter it with faith in God and full partnership with you,” he ends.

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